Macro Cine lenses
RAPTOR Lens Family
FF format

S35 format
For sensors up to VV
To get the best performance from these sensors, lenses with image circles of at least 50mm are necessary to cover the complete area.
Focal lengths
focal lengths from 50 - 300 mm
They feature
  • full frame (24×36) coverage
  • ∞ to 1:1 – 2:1 magnification without changing setup
  • consistent T-Stop T 2.9
  • robust and durable professional cine mechanics
IBE Raptor Endo 24mm
IB/E OPTICS presents the new member of the RAPTOR Macro Lens Set.
The RAPTOR Endo 24mm is designed for ultra close shots and provides its own ring light to avoid shadows from external sources.
The front of this lens is waterproof to dive into liquids, powders, leaves or whatever you can imagine.
The movement toward larger format sensors is still in progress, and the number of large format cameras available keeps growing. Examples include the ARRI Mini LF, the SONY Venice and Burano series and the RED V-Raptor series. Larger sensors offer a cinema-style look with interesting bokeh due to their shallow depth of field and require lenses that can cover the entire area.

  • Waterproof up to 21 cm (Front tube)
  • Maximum Magnification 2:1
  • Internal Focusing (Constant Lens Length)
  • Embedded ring light 5600°K
  • UMS PL Mount
  • Optional mounts: Sony NEX E, Canon EF, Leica M, Nikon F
  • Robust Mechanical Design
  • Extended Color Correction (APO)

  • Focal Length: 24 mm
  • Magnification: 2:1
  • Aperture: T/16
  • Close Focus: 47 cm / 18.5''
  • Min. Working Distance: 2 cm / 0.78''
  • Mount: PL
  • Optional Mounts: Sony E, Canon EF, Leica M, Nikon F
  • Focus Rotation: 170°
  • Iris Rotation: 45°
  • Max. Image Diameter: +44mm / +1.73''
  • Length (Flange to Front): 40,2 cm / 15.8“ (PL-Version)
  • Front Tube Diameter: 2 cm / 0.78''
  • Weight: 0,7 kg / 1.3 lbs
  • Electric Input: 12v / Lemo 2 pin
  • Embedded Light: LED 5600°, dimmable
The RAPTOR Lens Family Explained
Large format sensors are here to stay. The ARRI LF, the RED Monstro, the SONY Venice and the Panavision DXL 2 are the most recent additions to the growing list of large format cameras. The larger sensors deliver a more organic look with an interesting bokeh due to the extremely shallow depth of field but to get the best performance from these sensors, lenses with image circles of at least 50mm are necessary to cover the complete area.
More than 50mm image circle
The lenses cover every sensor up to Vista Vision and beyond. They are literally future proofed for new cameras.
Universal Mount System
With an exclusive Univeral Mount System we ensure that the lenses can be used on most cameras. Do not worry if you use EF, PL, Sony E cameras, the UMS will be easy to switch and keep you highly versatile.
Close focus
Depending on the focal length you have different minimum close focus ranges.
60mm – 19cm
100mm – 31cm
150mm – 38cm
180mm – 47cm
APO color correction
Designed with a special apochromatic (APO) lens element, for a better correction of chromatic and spherical aberrations. Better color accuracy by design.
1:1 – 2:1 Magnification
These lenses have an amazing 1:1 – 2:1 magnification, which will enable you to see the smallest details in the macro world like never before.
High end technical specifications
Aperture: T2.9-T22
Focus rotation: 300°
Iris rotation: 70°
Iris leaves: 9
Overall length: 145/200mm
Front diameter: 95cm
Weight: 1.5/1.9/2.9 kg
No longer limited to a single focal length, IB/E’s Raptor lenses are redefining how I shoot tabletop. Offering 100mm, 150mm and 180mm PL mount macro lenses, the Raptor’s offer people like me wider toolset without compromising quality.

The Raptor Macro’s released me from the constraints of clumsy close-up diopters or underperforming still lenses, while allowing true, cine-style functionality and repeatability in an elegantly affordable lens package. The limited chromatic aberrations, classic bokeh with a distinctively filmic look, meant these lenses quickly became part of my standard tabletop package.
Gary Adcock
Velociter x0.8
The Velociter x0.8 optical converter reduces the focal length of the RAPTOR Macro lenses by 0.8x. At the same time it increases the lens speed by almost one stop. The RAPTOR 100mm/T2.9 becomes a 80mm/T2.3 for example. In order not to waste light, the Velociter concentrates the light from the full-frame sensor on the S35 sensor.
Because the image diameter is reduced from 46.6mm to 36mm, sensors up to RED DRAGON 6K FF or ANSI S35 Silent can be covered.The Velociter x0.8 can easily be assembled in exchange of the extension tube of the PL UMS Mount. With the converter connected to the lens only PL cameras can be used.
Technical details:
Max. Image Diameter: 36.0 mm
Magnification: x0.8
Max. Aperture Infinity: T 2.9
Change of T-Number: 1.0
Diameter: 54.0 mm
Length: 31.0 mm
Weight: 0.18 kg
The VVx2 UMS optical extender doubles the focal length of the RAPTOR Macro lenses. The extender features high-index, low-dispersion glass as well as multi layer coating to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation.
By magnifying the image twofold the transmitted light is spread over a larger area decreasing the brightness by two stops. The VVx2 UMS is designed to mount to any digital cinema camera with a native PL mount. In addition, the IB(E UMS Mount System offers the ability to change the mount to Sony E, Canon EF and others in the field without re-shimming.
Technical details:
Max. Image Diameter: 52.0 mm
Magnification: x2
Max. Aperture Infinity: T 2.9
Change of T-Number: 2.0
Lens Mount: UMS
Camera Mount: PL UMS Mount
Diameter: 75.0mm
Length: 51.8 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg
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